Andrew Platter’s New Record

For those that don’t know, Andrew Platter has been my best friend since the fourth grade. He’s a worship leader at Alderwood Manor Community Church. I made a fun little flash player that lets you preview three of Andrew’s new songs. Hopefully the full album will be released soon but we thought it’d be cool to get some of them out there for people to hear. My favorite is ‘What I See’. Click here to listen! (you’re gonna want a broadband connection) 😀

5 responses to “Andrew Platter’s New Record”

  1. I love Andrew Platter.
    I wish I was him.
    Im going to kill andrew and take his life from him.
    I will own his guitars and long blond hair.



  2. Hey, I am an OLD friend of Andrews from way back in the day. I moved to Chicago and have his old albem, I was just woundering if there was any update for there new albem? let me know thatnks, O and tell him hi for me.


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