Hello from Scotland!

Well we made it safely here! The flight was a long 12.5 hours. The funny part is that the plane actually flew over Scotland to Amsterdam, and then we caught another flight back to Glasgow. The airplane we flew in to Glasgow was called a ‘Fokker 100’, which is funny for those that have seen ‘Meet the Parents’. So we stayed up for 27 hours which hurt – a lot. But because we did that we are fairly well adjusted to the time change over here. So far we have seen the downtown area where there is lots of shopping. The buildings here are all old and really magnificent. So far I haven’t had too hard a time understanding the locals, contrary to what I head from people back home. Still looking for something that says ‘Roundhill’ on it, I think we’ll find something cause lots of things end in ‘hill’ here. If there’s a ‘Scotsmanhill’ and ‘Jordanhill’ there has to be a ‘Roundhill’. Cheers!

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