The flight home… SUCKED!

Our flight home on Northwest Airlines #33 was absolutely awful! Out trip from Scotland to Seattle took over 30 hours. It was such a crazy thing that it made the paper. I’m tired. Really tired. I’m pretty sure that we were the first to take part in a direct flight from Amsterdam to Moses Lake! *Update* – Here’s
to stories about our most painful flight.

7 responses to “The flight home… SUCKED!”

  1. Well – I have to say my worst flights were due to weather and Northworst but nothing like that! Glad you are home! Where are you going on your free trip?


  2. That’s crazy man. I was talkin with my friend and he said “did you hear about that plane that was 18 hours late?” I said “Oh you mean the one my aunt and uncle were on?”


  3. Crazy! I was in George, WA watching the news and they did a live report on the flight, we had no idea you guys were trapped in Moses Lake, a half hour away from us.


  4. Those Northwest Airlines DC-10’s can’t land in the fog. We were fogged in all day at the airport. Every plane was at least a couple hours late.

    The next day I was on the employee bus with a couple of NWA flight attendents who were talking about that flight. Apparently its not too uncommon with that particular aircraft during bad weather.

    I’m glad you guys made it home.


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