Zach’s Back

After a long break I’ve decided to get my character Zacchaeus up to lvl 60 in World of Warcraft. I handed him over to my pal Soini for a bit and he took him up a few levels. The problem with World of Warcraft is that you need a lot of time to play it, which is hard to come by these days! Here’s a pic of Zac in his newly acquired Engineer’s Guild hat:

For some reason his bushy eyebrows always stick through his hat 🙂

5 responses to “Zach’s Back”

  1. Hey dan,
    Checking out the website. Thanks for your Christmas card. Say hi Sarah for me. I wish we lived closer. Oh, well. Maybe this summer I can come down and paint your fence in return for a good meal, and you can meet my wife? We’ll have to see. later.


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