230k Miles, Not Dollars

My, how the miles stack up.

Please forgive the poor image quality, I took the shot with my cell phone.  Having my 1988 integra pass 230,000 miles this week gives me mixed emotions.  On one side, I’m happy that the car I bought when I was 16 years old has lasted as long as it has.  Keeping in mind that the seat is tearing and the foam padding falling out, the air conditioner almost literally fell off of the car, the CD player doesn’t work at all besides the FM radio, and it burns off a quart of oil every two weeks.  But the car just keeps on going!  On the other side I’ve been thinking lately that it would be nice to have a car that has some of the amazing new technologies like cup holders, airbags, and a roof that doesn’t leak so the car won’t smell like the outside when you get on the inside. 😉

Since I aint got the cash for a new ride right now, I’ll have to stick with ‘The Blue Rocket’ while I can.  She’s a sturdy steed who gets me from A to B (mainly to work and back, 30 miles a day).  I guess if it works, it works eh?

4 responses to “230k Miles, Not Dollars”

  1. we’ve had some similar feelings now that both of our vehicles have passed up the quarter of a million mile mark … quite an accomplishment. come have dinner with us soon, we miss you guys!


  2. I just have to say that I have a lot of good memories in that car. Going to Dairy Queen during lunch in High School. Going to Schlotzsky’s for lunch break while working at Imagination Express. Going to lunch after working on the Bug. Man, we sure went out to eat alot in that car. No wonder you say it smells funny. It probably has 10-year-old french fries between the seats.


  3. Hehe,
    Yeah you’re probably right. I should give the interior a good scrub down. Maybe I should just throw a bunch of bleach in there – the seats are already turning white from sun damage anyways!


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