Imogen Heap

On the way home from my pal Kurt’s house last night, Sarah and I tuned into The Chill Side of The Mountain. This crazy sounding song came on that I thought was really creative. When we got home I googled the song, and found out that it is by Imogen Heap and the song is called “Hide and Seek”. You’ve gotta check it out if you haven’t heard it before. I can’t quite place the genre – electronica, folk, pop?

*Update* – Turns out Imogen Heap and Frou Frou are the same singer. Small world!

2 responses to “Imogen Heap”

  1. Hey Dan,

    Jen and I love Imogen Heap. It is a cool album, but that song in particular is Jen’s favorite and I would say the same. We first heard it on the incredible show THE OC! And it’s on one of the OC soundtracks. We also love the chill side of the mountain! Hope all is well! Say hi to Sarah! Rich


  2. Hey! Great memories of my drives back from Gig Harbour or Tukwila or Walla Walla or some strange place after having painted with a strange man all day, but relieved because “the Mountain” was playing very nice music. Good times. I miss you guys.


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