MAME on iPod Video/Nano


Some smart folks have come up with a great idea! They’ve hacked the iPod to run MAME. A group of people have been working on getting linux to run on our devices for a while, and iPodMAME has been released as a result of that. If they get 1942 to work, I’ll be ecstatic! (geek snort)

p.s. The picture is sideways because that’s how it is on the iPod, you actually play holding the iPod more like a game controller!

3 responses to “MAME on iPod Video/Nano”

  1. That’s cool…i just installed linux on my iPod today…i did it so that I could record voice memos without having to purchase the iPod accessory, it’s cool…you just talk into the left headphone speaker thing and it records! I’m thinking of starting a podcast. and the linux OS comes with a bunch of cool games…i’ll have to see if this one is included.


  2. Really? Was it hard to install? The one thing I’m concerned about with installing Linux is that I won’t be able to play the songs I downloaded off of iTunes Music Store.


  3. Haven’t they found a way to run Doom? That would be cool. I might just have to get a video iPod so I can play Doom in class. Pac-man doesn’t sound to bad either.


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