Be Like Jack

Lately I’ve been catching up with some episodes of 24 (just polished off season 4, on to season 5 now) and I’ve decided that I need to be more like Jack Bauer. Why? Because he’s rad! Check out his awesomeness:

I think there’s two main steps I need to achieve in order to get my look going:

Step #1 (complete): Get some cool aviator sunglasses:

Step #2 (in progress): Get me one of those hot widows peak haircuts. Problem being that I haven’t started losing my hair yet. My older brother said that he started losing his hair at 27 years, which age I am reaching in August of this year.

So there will maybe be a few ‘golden years’ where I’ve lost just enough hair to look (hopefully) half as cool as Jack does. I also will need to work on my scratchy voice, kicking, torturing and pistol clip switching skills as well. This may take a while…

6 responses to “Be Like Jack”

  1. I’ve decided in response that I need to be more like Mr. T. I’m gonna have to take a Mr. T language class, change skin color, develop huge muscles, get a mohawk, get some 40 pound gold chains, get a neck that can hold those gold chains, and a GMC van. The closest I can get to any of those is stealing Grandpa’s ’96 Astrovan and paint it gray. But it just won’t be the same seeing that it’ll break down once I hop in with 40 pound gold chains. I pity the fool that doesn’t believe I can do this!


  2. Dan, you have also inspired me to be more like someone.
    Feast your eyes on this beaut:

    I'm Dale!

    Arrrr! I’m Dale Chihuly!

    Its a simple transformation really… Gain about 127 pounds, stick myself in the eye with a hot poker, grow my hair out, age 40 years to give it a nice white/grey tone, grow a massive human wattle that rivals the grandest of roosters, and find the dorkiest watch on the face of the planet.

    I’m almost there, thanks to you Dan… you insprire me.
    Don’t be afraid to dream folks… Let Dan teach all of us some of life’s small lessons. 😀


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