Traffic Pattern Analysis

Steve has a great post discussing some theories as to why his commute is better or worse depending on what day it is. I’m glad that other people think about this too as I contemplate it all the time as I’m sitting still on the 167 most mornings. For me it seems that the best days are Mondays like Steve says, with the worst being a tie between Tuesdays and Fridays. One weird part about my commute is that if I leave earlier than most people would, say like 6:30 or so – the traffic is worse than if I left at 7:15. I’m still trying to find that ‘magic window’ of time where that short stretch of 167 that I travel is wide open. Since I’ve been doing this commute for a year and a half, I’m starting to think that the window doesn’t exist…

If I start to get angry at my 40+ minute commute some days, I just remind myself of my two brothers who have awful commutes. One commutes from Lake Stevens to Renton, and the other from DuPont to somewhere way up North-East near Ravensdale! Both of them commute for about three hours each day!

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5 thoughts on “Traffic Pattern Analysis

  1. I guess there are perks to a car-less existence. A ‘traffic jam’ for me is 2 old people creeping down the sidewalk. That can add as much as 15 seconds to my commute!!! That said, most weeks I never go further away from home than I can walk…


  2. So what impact has Spring Break in Puyallup affected your commute Danny? It seems like everyone and their mother is staying home; no buses; It has got to make a Dan happy!


  3. Well, guys, nothin’ beats sitting in a big ol’ Dodge truck near the Narrows, listening to Amy Grant, with my co-worker Tim telling me about how he took Hill 367 in ‘Nam and how is life is the pits. My commutes last summer seemed to last a lifetime, and I won’t regret the day they fade from memory.


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