Become a Shoelace Tying Expert

Wow, the interwebs has a lot of information. Today Boing Boing had a great post about a site that teaches you different ways of tying your shoes. Looks like the Ian Knot is supposedly the fastest way to get a great knot in your shoelaces. So get tying!

3 responses to “Become a Shoelace Tying Expert”

  1. Wow! That IS fast. Those directions are also way too detailed – I got done reading thinking I was about to try tying my shoes using a method which would require extreme skill. Turned out to be ridiculously simple. 🙂


  2. I actually found myself mesmorized by that tiny animation at the top showing how to tie it. Ian is going to change the world… one shoe tier at a time.


  3. I read your comment, Gordon, and decided I had to check out the site for myself, and sure enough, I was gawking slack-jawed at the show! Wow.


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