New Mexico Caving Adventure


Last weekend I had the oppurtunity to go caving in New Mexico! I went with my brother-in-law Brian and my step-father-in-law Rob. It was my first caving experience, and I was a little scared at first because I didn’t know what to expect. I thought that it would be slimy with bugs everywhere and bats flying in my face. But it turned out to be really fun! There were no creepy crawlies or bats, which was very nice indeed. We just walked, crawled and slid our way into different chambers in the cave and explored all around. I even brought back a cool rock I found in there as a souvenir. We had some neon colored popsicle sticks that we dropped on the ground everywhere so we could find our way out of there, but at one point we couldn’t find one of the sticks and were lost for a few minutes. Even though it wasn’t a long time before we found the stick my mind started thinking “Oh crap, what if we get lost in this huge cave!! Wauuuugh!” But alas it was found and we made it out safe and sound!

One response to “New Mexico Caving Adventure”

  1. That looks like a lot of fun! I went caving in Idaho when I was going to school. Their caves are huge and covered in ice year round. It was pretty awesome! I have to admit though, I was often freaking out while going through them. (Laying on your back in the dark between two 10ft thick sheets of ice with hardly any space to move can be a little intense…end of run on sentance.)


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