In an effort to get myself a MacBook Pro I’ve been working on my Volkswagen Beetle that has been in the garage a few years. I restored it in High School and it was quite a project. I lifted the body off of the pan, replaced the rusted out floorboards with new ones, added new seals, carpeting, headliner, fenders, etc. But lately my problem has been with the carb. It took me a few days to figure out what the problem was. Turns out it was this tiny little brass tube that was connected to the accelerator pump that was all clogged up. Jamming a sewing needle up in it and wiggling all the gunk out solved the problem! As you can see from the movie, she’s running great! Sarah and I took a drive and it was really fun! Now that it works again I’m starting to think that I shouldn’t sell it… hmmmmmm

One response to “Buggin’”

  1. I still remember the gold old days of driving that bug around with with the body taken off! I’m glad that you got it up an runnin’. Long live the beetle!


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