Superman’s Invulnerable Suit

At work today we were talking about SQL scripts Superman Returns, and the question was posed: “Why doesn’t his suit shred to pieces when it is getting pummeled with bullets and fire?” Well, a quick Google search discovered this, straight from the horse’s mouth:

Superman the know it all.

Superman, in his smarter-than-any-human wisdom, made the suit himself! I wonder if he used a sewing machine…

3 responses to “Superman’s Invulnerable Suit”

  1. That super dude

    Let’s talk about Superman for a brief bit. Perhaps you were aware a new documentary about him has hit the theaters. I have not seen it yet, but my thoughts have turned to some things Super as I consider this decidedly un-American American hero….


  2. Hey Dan. In the Christopher Reeves version of Superman his mom makes his suit out of the materials that he was wrapped in when he flew to earth from Krypton. So I always thought his suit was super because it was some sort of super-duper planet Krypton material.

    How his Mom cut and sewed super-duper materials was never explained.


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