My 27th Year has Arrived

I got a great email from my Grandpa this morning:

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Daniel! Happy Birthday to you! (We do mean you). We can’t believe that you’re 27.

We love you,
G’ma and G’pa.

PS. Your birthday money was donated to the Ronald Mc Donald House to help those less fortunate.

A few years back my grandparents decided that us grandkids have enough ‘stuff’ and decided to donate our Birthday and Christmas money to charity. For a while I didn’t get it but now upon reaching 27 I see what a great idea it is. Thanks for the cool gift, Grandpa and Grandma!

I had a huge surprise birthday party that Sarah threw for me a few weeks ago. I’m gonna add a post of that soon with some great pictures of the event. Stay tuned…

2 responses to “My 27th Year has Arrived”

  1. Happy Birthday Dan! We were just thinking about you and wanted to wish you a happy day. Glad we got to celebrate with you a few weeks back and hope you have an awesome day today! We also gotta see you soon! Like maybe the salmon bake at camp next week … huh what do ya think? You guys up for it?
    Kyle and Jamie


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