Get your Wii – $250


I would consider myself to be the ‘Nintendo Diehard’ in the comic above. I have no idea why I’m 27 and still like Nintendo games. The Wii is coming out on November 19th and wil set you back $250. One cool thing is that it comes with a game, which hasn’t happened for a long time with a release of a Nintendo console. Remember the original NES that came with different kits like this one?

sport kit

Those were great, you got a ton of what you needed right out of the box. And didn’t they all come with two controllers? You’d think since the ‘Wii’ really means “We” as in “Us” (more than one person) playing then you think it would come with two Wiimotes by default. Oh well. Is it November yet?

4 responses to “Get your Wii – $250”

  1. Oh man! I can’t wait until the 19th! I haven’t been this excited about a console since the Super NES. I can see it now, advantage…Roundhill, a beautiful serve…it looks like an ace…WAIT…Klein reaches and with a perfectly executed backhand, dinks the ball over the net! The crowd goes wild (this is where my little girl gets really excited, claps hands, dances, and then asks to hold the Wiimote…I get choked up just thinking about it…sniff.)

    Anyways, I hope they include online play. All the technology is there and they already have chats, browser ability, weather and things via WiFi. I think they’ll announce it here in a few weeks. Plus, it’s a really long drive to Puyallup!


  2. Jeremy, I can’t agree more. They say that they will have internet capabilities but no online enabled games at launch. That’s kind of a loss, but with the Mii create-a-character feature, Wii Sports packed in, Zelda, Wario Ware, Red Steel, and Call of Duty 3 as launch titles, lowER price, and Metroid Prime and Super Mario on the way, this will be the system to r0xor my s0xors.


  3. Even I’m interested in buying one and I hate consoles! I agree with Jeremy, this is the first exciting console since SNES. It’d be great to plug it into my monster Dell monitor. I got room on my desk for it right here.


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