Pandora, You Know Me Not

I’ve been using Pandora for a while now, and have enjoyed learning about all kinds of new music through it. It’s a part of the music genome project, a service that is always ‘learning’ about music genres and what kinds of music a person likes. All you do is enter an artist that you like, and Pandora goes off and finds similar artists that my interest you. If you like the song you hear, give it a thumbs up. If not, skip it or give it a thumbs down to never hear it again.

I think it still has some bugs, because on my ‘Radiohead’ station, it brought up the song “How’s it going to be” by Third Eye Blind. Yuck!


Most of the time it works fine :D. Give it a try if you haven’t yet!

5 responses to “Pandora, You Know Me Not”

  1. I heard about Pandora from a friend in my Digital Design 3 class. I used it during class so I could have something to listen to while coding ActionScript and it works pretty good. I’m impressed by it. But then our school blocked it. And I’m too lazy to make my own proxy so I can listen to music. Bu you’re right, Third Eye Blind sucks and doesn’t fit with Radiohead. That’s like putting mayo on pizza. Something gross doesn’t work with something that’s good!


  2. Wow! Cool site! I never heard about it til you’re blog – way cool!
    I’m always looking for new artists/music and it actually works (pretty) well! The audio quality is pretty good too.



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