My Photo on!

I discovered tonight that one of my photos from iStock was used on this page at! Cool stuff, it took a long time for me to find a site that used one of my images. I’m also honored that it is NPR, which is where I get my news on the radio every morning on my way to work. Gotta love KPLU!

p.s. That’s Sarah’s sexy thumb in that shot. What a model!

4 responses to “My Photo on!”

  1. Lucky!! That’s really cool. I like how it says your name as well…makes it feel more professional. How did you happen to find the image? I wish istock would at least tell us the user names of people that download our images.


  2. hi, dan.

    in a recent blog post i mentioned that was sucking time away from blogging and chad ( told me about your site. he said that you received your first check $100 (i’m at $1.40!) after about 8 months of uploads. anyway, i thought i’d stop by to see the work of a fellow 5th hiller — nice images and good variety!


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