Rockin’ the Dinner Table

This video of Beck performing on SNL is totally amazing! Maybe I can convince my family to try this at Thanksgiving…

6 responses to “Rockin’ the Dinner Table”

  1. Um…unbelievable. Beck should run for president. My wife got to see him in concert when she was in high school. She said it was the greatest show she’d ever seen. His new record is pretty good, pick it up if you’ve got $15 sitting around.


  2. this does rock! i didn’t know he did this. thanks for the hook up. the new album is great and the artwork idea is super beck. it’s blank graph paper and comes with a whole bunch of beck stickers for you to personally decorate! brilliant!


  3. That is exactly what Thanksgiving is like at my house!
    The funny thing is that my deaf parents can’t ever stay on beat! Those dorks.


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