Turkey Lurkey

I just ate:

– lots of cheese and crackers
– veggies
– sweet and mashed potatoes
– lots of white turkey meat
– cranberry sauce
– stuffing
– green beans
– jello salad
– 2.5 rolls
– apple-squash yummy
– coffee
– apple cider
– slice o’ pumpkin
– slice o’ pecan
– 1/4 of a rice krispy treat

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

5 responses to “Turkey Lurkey”

  1. Yay Dan,
    I’ve been crying myself to sleep every night you have not updated your page. I’m so glad that the turkey dinner you ate at my house was the straw that broke the camels back… finally I’ll be able to have a good night sleep. Oh, by the way, we didn’t have apple cider to my knowledge so did you smuggle some in or something?


  2. Feeling a bit “stuffed” are you? We missed you and Sarah – but it sounds like you got plenty of food and I am betting you had a fantastic time! You did miss David hitting homers off of Craig on the Wii though! Your dad played golf and I think even your mom wants to try out the gamed! Did you get yours yet?


  3. Sounds like fun! I don’t have mine yet 😦 I’ve gotta find one at costco because I have a gift card for there. Let me know if you find one!


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