Goldeneye: Source

Goldeneye: Source
Remember Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64? I remember it well. I played it sooooo much my senior year of High School. Truly it was one of the first great multiplayer first-person shooters. Well now someone has created a HL2 mod that tries to recreate the experience of Goldeneye using the source engine! The level design is really close to the original, and the weapons, sound effects, and music do a great job of getting the feel of the original game in there. It is in beta, so be prepared for some crashes and other strange things happening. Give it a go, you won’t be disappointed!

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Wow! This is great! I still remember the first time I played GoldenEye. It was at Jake and BJ Nonis’s house, I think you were there Dan. The muti-polygonal effects…the timed mines…to this day one of my favorite games. I hope they bring it to the Wii, I doubt it though, I heard the rights to the game were owned by Microsoft since they bought Rare.

Come over and play some Wii Sports one of these days (that’s right, I got a Wii for Christmas.) My mother in law stood in line at Toys R’ Us for 6 hours last week to get me one.


It’s coming along very nicely. I still enjoy slapping people when I’m out of ammo. I can,t wait for more of the weapons. Moonraker? Grenade and Rocket Launchers? RCP-90? Anyone? btw, I typed this on my Wii.


Another way too fun mod is Garry’s Mod. It’s just a physics sandbox, but it let’s you play with all the cool HL props in a true physics environment.

It’s a total blast, and for only $10 on steam its a smart buy 🙂


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