New Modest Mouse album = Fantastic!

Modest Mouse
Sometimes I get a feeling that a new album coming out is going to be really good. Most of the time I’m right, and this time I think I won again. I bought the new Modest Mouse record ‘We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank’ on a whim yesterday. It’s a fantastic album, best one of ’07 and best so far by the boys from Issaquah in my opinion. Sarah agrees, she likes it a lot as well and she’s not really a MM fan. So far my favorites are ‘Fire It Up’ and ‘Florida’, the latter of which has a sweet ending that throws in a sweet heavy riff that will have you throwing up bull horns in no time. \m/ ‘Dashboard’ is great too but they’ve already overplayed it on The End so I’ve had enough of it already.

It’s a great record, go get it! Like now! (They had it for $9.99 at Target this weekend if you’re looking for a good deal!)

2 responses to “New Modest Mouse album = Fantastic!”

  1. Fortunately my red-neck corner of the world is not cool enough to play Modest Mouse once let alone overkill it, so I get to enjoy it thoroughly – Dashboard is a brilliant song.


  2. Good to know. I’ll have to find a way to get it in my hands before the big trip. Modest Mouse is a fantastic group. And I’ve heard nothing bad about this new album! Awesome!


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