New Boat

Because the weather has been so nice in Seattle lately, Sarah and I bit the bullet and bought ourselves a shiny new boat. It’s not quite as big as my Dad’s 43 footer, but it did a great job out on lake washington. I have to admit I was a bit nervous to launch it for the first time, but it went well and we were able to enjoy a nice time out on the water.

Someone was kind enough to take this picture of us in it.

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You totally had me there for a minute. I was a little peeved you hadn’t invited me out for an inaugural sail…and then realized, I’d just be hanging off the side. 😉


Congrats! You’ve just enjoyed one of your happiest two days as a boat owner. The other happiest day you’ll experience is the day you sell it.

(On the other hand, if you ever tire of that thing *and* are actually able to sell it, I’ll be pretty impressed.)


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