Surprised with Steak

According to Facebook, today was my 29th birthday! Sarah had been telling me for a few weeks that she had a surprise for me tonight, but I couldn’t at all think of what it could be. It turns out that way back when we were newlyweds, I asked “When I turn 30, can you take me to the Met?”. She remembered that over the years and decided to surprise me for my 29th instead! Here’s me a split second after I found out that we were going there for dinner:

Steak Kick!

Steak Kick!

The environment there is very cool, it’s not super dark like a steakhouse and the staff is uber friendly. We had an awesome meal of crabcakes, salad and one of tastiest steaks I have ever had (I went for the New York Strip)! Here we are at the table:

Our table at the Met

Our table at the Met

After the dinner, off to Alki to catch the sunset! Amazing birthday!!!

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