Worldwide Photo Walk 2009

Last night I joined Scott Kelby’s 2nd Annual Worldwide Photo Walk. Basically, a bunch of Photographers around the world get together in their local city then walk around and snap photos together. I participated in the Bellevue group this year, I would guess that 25-30 people were there! It was fun to meet some fellow photo nerds and gab about our cameras and gear. It was strange that I was the odd one out with a Canon setup as most of people there were rocking Nikon! Here’s the two best shots I got on the walk:

Both of those have been submitted to the Bellevue Worldwide Photo Walk site. Here’s hoping they do well!

2 responses to “Worldwide Photo Walk 2009”

  1. Wicked! I was going to join the Calgary one, and because iStock is based here I thought I’d meet some big-wigs. Then I realized I’m not much of a photographer and I have no gear to speak of. So, I sat on the sidelines. Your pictures are fantastic.


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