wpToGo Featured on Android Market Site

I’m excited that the Android team has featured wpToGo on the Android Market! For those that don’t know, I created wpToGo in order to allow Android users to post to and manage their WordPress blogs while on the go!

Here's wpToGo in the 'featured' area on Android Market
Here’s wpToGo in the ‘featured’ area on Android Market

It’s also been featured on the main Android Market website. Click here to check it out!

3 responses to “wpToGo Featured on Android Market Site”

  1. That’s what you get for writing such a great app. That should teach you. I think I use wptogo more often than anything else on my phone (that includes texting, calling, and looking up locations on google maps). It would actually be nice to see something similar that runs in GTK so it can be used on desktops/laptops. I experiemented with Drivel for awhile, but found wptogo to be more suited to my needs.


    • Necesito ayuda o consejo para crear un buen blog, y gratis, pero solo tengo mi móvil para poder hacerlo.
      Me ha parecido que entiende usted bastante del tema.
      Me podría ayudar aconsejandome bien cómo hacerlo desde el principio?
      Gracias y un saludo.


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