We Live Here?

Here’s the view out our flat window. You can see all the way past the city to the green hills. It started pouring rain a few minutes after I took this picture. The clouds really move through the UK quickly!

4 responses to “We Live Here?”

  1. Yes, my son, you do live “here” and it is all part of God’s plan for your life and that of you family. As the head of your home, you give direction and keep you family safe and warm. I appreciate you so much and love beyond words.


    • Nope, we’re trying to go without having a car over here. There’s a train station a few blocks from our house that can take us most places we want to go. Otherwise there’s taxis as well.

      Coming for a visit Stu? 😛


      • well done on going carless – definitely do-able!

        we’re workin’ on logistics for a visit – we were thinking Christmas but it looks like spring now. we’ll keep you posted!


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