To the U.S. and Back Again

I had a very busy trip in the U.S. this weekend as i came home for my Grandma Betty’s memorial service last Thursday. I am currently waiting in the S terminal at the airport to catch my flight back home.

Grandma’s memorial service was really wonderful. She was a beautiful lady who had the most class of anyone I have ever known. I will miss the sparkle in her eye as she would pinch my cheek with a smile and call me ‘honey’. My brother in law put together an amazing video that details her life that I will put on the blog in a future post.

Outside of the memorial, i was able to see lots of friends and family. I even had the opportunity to go to the Seahawks playoff game with Jon Soini on saturday! We both agreed that it was the best pro football game we have ever seen. We left the stadium high fiving complete strangers, one guy even gave Jon a hug! A laughable moment for sure.

I was also able to get some good food in, including a burger and Mexican food with my pals Andrew, Stephanie, Erin and Brian. Today the Roundhill clan got together for a lunch to hang out while there was a lot of us in town.

So, back home I go! I miss my family like crazy and am looking forward to getting back. We were able to Skype a lot, thanks to the new client update for iPhone that allows me to video chat with Sarah wherever she is. So cool!

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