Conquering the Cobbler

Today I went out with some guys from Re:Hope for a hike up to ‘the cobbler‘, which is a rock formation at the top of Ben Arthur.  When the hike was described as a ‘Hill Walk’, I assumed it would be a small hike up one of the rolling hills in Scotland.  I was wrong.  It was a lot of vertical hiking, which included a lot of scrambling up the rocks to get to the rocks up at the very top.  It was exhausting, but an amazing place to get to once you are there.

We met every kind of weather on this trip.  Hail at the car park then sunshine, rain, sideways hail and even a bit of snow!  I was really glad I brought my fleece and rain parka!

When it wasn’t raining/hailing I popped the camera out of my bag and snapped some shots:

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