The good battery life on the galaxy nexus is surprising!


While I most often use an iPhone (s aapl) as my primary mobile device, I’m not an Android-hater by any means. And resisting the lure of Google’s(s goog) Android reference device is nearly impossible for an early adopter like me. This year, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is that device, and it’s the first phone to ship with Android 4, otherwise known as “Ice Cream Sandwich.” Here’s what I think of the Nexus, and the latest iteration of Android, and how both stack up to the iPhone 4S and iOS 5.

First impressions

The Galaxy Nexus feels like a very different device compared to the iPhone; almost enough that it seems like it could belong to a different device category. Of course, it’s to be expected that a smartphone with a plastic back and much larger 4.65-inch screen would feel different than one made of metal and glass, sporting a 3.5-inch…

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  1. I had a much longer comment, but I’m going to shorten it to just this:

    If he got 3 days on a single charge, then that means he barely used the device.

    I don’t think this guy is a even an moderate user because he seems to think the iPhone’s battery lasts for 2 days. While I’m super happy with my 4S’s battery life, it’s not possible for me to get anywhere near 2 full days on a single charge. One day is a sure bet, but anything after that is not a safe bet.

    That would be awesome if it were true though!


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