We’ve launched a new feature in WordPress for iOS, notifications! Let me know if you’re using it and what you think can be improved.

WordPress for iOS

wpios-3-4-notificationsNeed to get your WordPress.com notifications on the go? With version 3.4 of WordPress for iOS you’ll see all your WordPress.com and Jetpack blog Notifications right on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.


With the new streamlined Notifications view, you can step away from your computer but still stay connected to your readers. With just a few taps you can:

  • read comment threads and reply,
  • moderate new pending comments,
  • get stats highlights,
  • see your new followers and follow them back, and
  • see who liked your posts.

Don’t need so many notifications? You can turn off specific notification types (for example “Likes”) in the Settings panel. You can also mute entire blogs if it gets too noisy.

Self-hosted WordPress.org blogs get to join the party, too! Simply connect your blog using the Jetpack plugin and your self-hosted blog’s notifications will appear. Already have Jetpack set up? Then you don’t need…

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