Thinking Android? Think Sony!

I’ve used a lot of Android phones over the years starting with the first one ever. The quality of Android phones can often let you down, even the high-end models (I’m looking at you, HTC). I was getting tired of the recent trend in Android devices, mainly that they were getting way too enormous in sizeContinue reading “Thinking Android? Think Sony!”

Working with Android Shape Drawables

Recently I’ve been working with Shape Drawables in Android and have found them to be quite handy to utilize for certain areas of your Android UI. Shape drawables are basic shapes that you can define using XML. They’re useful for many reasons: They ‘just work’ with multiple device densities. No need for bitmap resources, whichContinue reading “Working with Android Shape Drawables”

Android Developers: Take the Low-End Device Challenge

As a developer I’ve always been lucky enough to have access to fast, high-end devices that provide the best experience that you can get with Android. Recently I’ve been using a low-end device to see what things are like on the other side of the fence, and I’ve learned quite a few lessons that I thinkContinue reading “Android Developers: Take the Low-End Device Challenge”

Android Apps, GPS, and Google Play

Here’s a little tip if your Android app makes use of location based services but doesn’t require them. We were getting a few emails from users that the app wasn’t available in Google Play on their devices. Most of the devices were more obscure tablets and low-end phones that didn’t have GPS functionality. It seemedContinue reading “Android Apps, GPS, and Google Play”