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  • I Got a Jawbone

    Deep and insightful rap about Samson from Dave and Gus!

  • Re:Hope’s Building Transformation

    This Easter Sunday at Re:Hope will be our first service in the new building! Tons of people have volunteered their time to demolish, clean, paint and assemble the rooms at the church that was in dire need of a refresh. The transformation has been amazing to see, check out some shots Brian just posted of […]

  • Re:Hope Android App

    Just published Re:Hope’s brand new Android app to Android Market this morning. ┬áDesigned by Nervous Dave, coded by me! We’re going to release the source code soon under the GPL, I’m hoping it will be a good foundation for other churches to get their own app out there. A few more screenshots can be seen […]

  • Pray for Re:Hope

    Looks like everyone’s favorite church in Scotland is going through some exciting times! They may have the opportunity to purchase a building that they had to vacate months ago. One small problem is that it costs 1 million pounds! Please pray for them! Make sure to check Brian’s blog for updates.

  • What You Must Do on Friday

    Last Friday, you probably saw Snakes on a Plane. (I didn’t because snakes freak me out, even CGI ones) That means that this Friday you should go to Andrew Platter’s CD Release Party at The Paradox! All the cool kids are gonna be there, and also the losers as well so all will feel welcome. […]

  • Destructor

    Here’s a great song to check out by one of the bands at Mars Hill, ‘E-Pop’. It’s my new favorite! And… yeah that’s all I have to say.

  • Red Letter

    A new band formed at my Church called ‘Red Letter’. They kinda remind me of Franz Ferdinand. The sound system in the auditorium there is really fantastic, and they really made sure to use it to its full potential. It was loud and they did some totally sweet low bass stuff with their keyboards. It […]