I Got a Jawbone

Deep and insightful rap about Samson from Dave and Gus!

Weekend Fun

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Park with Andy, Mollie and Hazel followed by some FIFA 2010 pwnage, check the goals!

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Old Guys Playing Computer Games

Hit the gamerbase tonight for Andy’s 30th birthday! We surprised him with it which was so fun. We played bfbc2 for 3 hours straight. Good times.

20110218-081654.jpg 20110218-081740.jpg 20110218-081827.jpg 20110218-081806.jpg

Snow & Spotlight

Enjoying the new Platter record while cooking breakfast for the fam. And it’s snowing again!

Also, WordPress for Windows Phone is out!

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Off to Edinburgh

We’re off to Edinburgh for castle tours and Christmas shopping with Erin Hanson! Check the cool horn band at the queen street station:

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A Challenging Game

After movie night on Monday, we set up a little game using Hazel’s ‘cookie jar’ shape sorter toy. Object: Throw something in the jar! It proved to be quite challenging, none of us could pull it off. But then, it happened:

Booyah. Erin for the win.

Trackin’ and Compilin’


Checking out the progress of the new Platter record at Steve’s house (Stevudio?), and testing the new full size image upload capabilities of WordPress for Android.