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  • Mario Golf is my jam

  • A Retro Games Tumblr

    I’ve set up a new Tumblr to document my retro gaming finds! If you’re keen on such things, check out: Ciao!

  • Cleaning Time 🎮

    Lately I’ve been into refurbishing GameCube controllers I pick up from thrift stores. You know, for the Smash!

  • Restoring a Donkey Kong Arcade Cocktail Table

    Restoring a Donkey Kong Arcade Cocktail Table

    This past summer I came across a listing for a Donkey Kong Arcade cocktail table that I couldn’t resist. The seller was moving and getting rid of some Arcade machines he had in his garage. He said that it “should work”, but was disassembled. He at least knew that the board was tested and was […]

  • “Stack Up”

    I have my famicom disk system hooked up to my top loader NES via a famicom adapter. Works great, although it doesn’t have the enhanced audio unless you connect it through a Japanese famicom. Hoping to add one of those to the collection someday 😜 p.s. Thanks to Nick for the copy of Super Mario […]

  • Virtual Boy Surgery

    Send your thoughts and prayers…

  • Clean Up Those Carts!

    I collect retro video games and often pick up cartridges that have price stickers and marker on them. I think a lot of collectors avoid them because they don’t look appealing, but it’s actually pretty easy to clean up a cartridge as long as there isn’t too much gunk on the actual label. Sharpie can […]

  • Applicable Turn in Draw Something

  • Team Fortress 2 Replays

    Team Fortress 2 just keeps getting better. Now that you can save replays and edit them to your liking, it’s tempting to not play any other game (which is probably what Valve wants I suppose). Here’s me as a pyro returning a rocket at the bad guys!

  • A Good Find

    I’ve been packing up the garage today as we’ve got a renter coming in early June. Found this while rummaging through some boxes of old stuff. Ah, memories. I loved the tennis game.