My hotshot nephew whipped up a version of asteroids in flash. It’s a tough one! Here’s some instructions he passed along: Up arrow = acceleration Down arrow = reverse Left arrow = turn counter-clockwise Right arrow = turn clockwise Spacebar = Fires your white square gun, A.K.A laser beam When you die, click the box […]


Making a robot to bowl a perfect game in Wii sports bowling is so against the whole concept of the Wii! In related news, I bowled a 238 last night. Not too shabby but I’ve seen better – by a human of course. 😉

Goldeneye: Source

Remember Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64? I remember it well. I played it sooooo much my senior year of High School. Truly it was one of the first great multiplayer first-person shooters. Well now someone has created a HL2 mod that tries to recreate the experience of Goldeneye using the source engine! The level design […]