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  • The Secrets of Gaming Success

    This article was a great read about what makes a video game fun. They interviewed Jonathan Smith, producer of the Lego Star Wars games. Here’s a great quote from Jonathan explaining why they should always develop and test games for 8 year old boys: “They like moving forward in a game. They like funny things […]

  • Goldeneye: Source

    Remember Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64? I remember it well. I played it sooooo much my senior year of High School. Truly it was one of the first great multiplayer first-person shooters. Well now someone has created a HL2 mod that tries to recreate the experience of Goldeneye using the source engine! The level design […]

  • Gigantor NES Controller

    This is silly. Watch these two goofballs try and play Super Mario Bros. on the world’s largest NES controller!

  • Megaman vs Donkey Kong

    Great video of my favorite video game character being transported into the world of Donkey Kong: Too funny.

  • Get your Wii – $250

    I would consider myself to be the ‘Nintendo Diehard’ in the comic above. I have no idea why I’m 27 and still like Nintendo games. The Wii is coming out on November 19th and wil set you back $250. One cool thing is that it comes with a game, which hasn’t happened for a long […]

  • Team Fortress 2

    More YouTube videos 😀 Here’s a teaser for the new Valve game Team Fortress 2. I love the visual style and I bet the game will be a hoot to play! (hmm.. maybe I ‘need’ a new video card…)

  • The Paradox of Abadox

    If you remember the old NES games, you’ve gotta check out this video. A video blogger shares his emotions as he tries to pass the first level of Abadox, an old shooter for the NES. I haven’t laughed so hard in a while. That guy is hilarious!

  • Yay!

    Dreams can come true! Duck Hunt 2. *Update* – Steve informed me of a cool addon for the Wii remote, the Light Gun Shell!

  • We wants a Wii, Precious!

    Today at the E3 Nintendo revealed great things about its new console, the Wii. They backed up their statements using a live demo of 3 Nintendo execs and 1 lucky contest winner to play a round of 4 player tennis, swinging their Wii controllers like tennis rackets. It looked really fun! I am really excited […]

  • Turning 60!

    Got to level 60 last night with my WoW character Zacchaeus. Only took me 13 days, 9 hours, and 40 minutes of playing time! Crazy to think that I’ve played that game for almost two weeks. And there’s still lots to do, including getting the expansion pack that is coming out soon that will increase […]