Get your Wii – $250


I would consider myself to be the ‘Nintendo Diehard’ in the comic above. I have no idea why I’m 27 and still like Nintendo games. The Wii is coming out on November 19th and wil set you back $250. One cool thing is that it comes with a game, which hasn’t happened for a long time with a release of a Nintendo console. Remember the original NES that came with different kits like this one?

sport kit

Those were great, you got a ton of what you needed right out of the box. And didn’t they all come with two controllers? You’d think since the ‘Wii’ really means “We” as in “Us” (more than one person) playing then you think it would come with two Wiimotes by default. Oh well. Is it November yet?

We wants a Wii, Precious!

Wii Controller

Today at the E3 Nintendo revealed great things about its new console, the Wii. They backed up their statements using a live demo of 3 Nintendo execs and 1 lucky contest winner to play a round of 4 player tennis, swinging their Wii controllers like tennis rackets. It looked really fun! I am really excited for some of the new games they accounced – new mario, metroid, ‘excitetruck’, and of course the new Zelda. They also will have a ‘virtual console’ service that will allow you to play many of the popular Nintendo games of that past. Cool stuff!

Turning 60!

Got to level 60 last night with my WoW character Zacchaeus. Only took me 13 days, 9 hours, and 40 minutes of playing time! Crazy to think that I’ve played that game for almost two weeks. And there’s still lots to do, including getting the expansion pack that is coming out soon that will increase the level cap to 70. It never ends, but I’m cool with that! 😉