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  • Clean Up Those Carts!

    I collect retro video games and often pick up cartridges that have price stickers and marker on them. I think a lot of collectors avoid them because they don’t look appealing, but it’s actually pretty easy to clean up a cartridge as long as there isn’t too much gunk on the actual label. Sharpie can […]

  • Lovely way to start the workday

    Been seeing this a lot lately. I get to upgrade my laptop this year though! Hoping a new 15″ MacBook Air will be announced. Posted from WordPress for Android

  • Helvetica.

  • Aero Black Cursors for Windows Vista

    For some reason, Microsoft decided not to put a black version of their snazzy aero themed cursor in to Windows Vista. So I found this little app that allowed me to roll my own. Want them for yourself? You can download a zip of the cursors here.

  • Somebody at Hasbro had a great idea! Star Wars Transformers! It’s the perfect marriage of two great toys. However, they could improve on it by also adding in a GI Joe figure to pilot the spacecraft… and also make it lego compatible. Then it would be the ultimate toy. Check them out:

  • Turning 60!

    Got to level 60 last night with my WoW character Zacchaeus. Only took me 13 days, 9 hours, and 40 minutes of playing time! Crazy to think that I’ve played that game for almost two weeks. And there’s still lots to do, including getting the expansion pack that is coming out soon that will increase […]