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Winter Storm 2012!!!

The wind was crazy last night in Glasgow! Pieces of tile flew off the roof of the flats and onto cars, smashing their windows and doors. I was very glad my family was safe and sound inside!

20120103-172441.jpg 20120103-172453.jpg

Summer Resurgence


Nicest it has been in a while! Maybe Autumn will be warmer than Summer was in Glasgow.

Glasgow Science Centre

Today’s ‘Tuesday Morning Adventures with Dad’ took us to the Glasgow Science Centre. It is brilliant. Loads of great things to tinker with! We even made a (fairly terrible) stop motion animation of a lion and tiger that you can see below. On the way over we stopped for a few photos in front of the ‘Armadillo’ theatre. I think we’ll be back there again for sure!


There’s a Brad Pitt zombie movie filming in George Square in Glasgow! The film is set in Philadelphia, so there’s lots of American street signs and traffic lights all over. There’s even American cars, buses, police cars and yellow taxis! In one of the shots you can spy an upside down taxi which is smashed on top of another one.

We looked for Brad but no luck!


Re:Hope’s Building Transformation

This Easter Sunday at Re:Hope will be our first service in the new building! Tons of people have volunteered their time to demolish, clean, paint and assemble the rooms at the church that was in dire need of a refresh. The transformation has been amazing to see, check out some shots Brian just posted of the amazing new nursery!

I was able to help out with a bit of painting in the kids room on Tuesday, way up high in some scaffolding. Felt good to do a bit of manual labor for a while!

Scott painting from the scaffolding

Monica rolls on some fresh paint.

Tonight there was a small prayer/worship time that we went to. The main room is looking great as well!

The church has an all new sound system!

The Bible has been read aloud in the church all week.

If you’re around Partick this Sunday, come to the service at 11am!