Category: House

  • Snow in Newcastle

    Merry Christmas! It’s dumping snow at my place this very moment. Time to walk to the Starbucks and get an eggnog latte! Snow!

  • Under the Dog House

    I’m not a big fan of doing house work. Especially on the weekends, when I’d rather be doing other things with my time. But for some reason Sarah and I were motivated to go outside and work on the house for a bit on Saturday. Sarah’s job: Try and salvage anything from our “Flower Bed” […]

  • To Do List for this Weekend

    This is going to be the busiest weekend ever! 1.) Attend my Dad in law’s wedding rehearsal. I’m an usher (no, not THE Usher) in the wedding. 2.) Pick up the family van at my brother Kevin’s house in Lake Stevens Friday night. 3.) Go to the wedding Saturday morning, and immediately after the ceremony […]