Tom Selleck’s Moustache

Isn’t the internet a wonderful place?


There’s a Brad Pitt zombie movie filming in George Square in Glasgow! The film is set in Philadelphia, so there’s lots of American street signs and traffic lights all over. There’s even American cars, buses, police cars and yellow taxis! In one of the shots you can spy an upside down taxi which is smashed on top of another one.

We looked for Brad but no luck!

Double Rainbow Song

I’m sure most of you have seen this but it’s too funny for me to pass up!

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The Muppets Do Bohemian Rhapsody

Thanks to Beth for passing this one along! A truly epic undertaking!

p.s. Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

UAF Nanook Hockey

I… am in love with this video.

Seriously, so beautiful!

Be Excellent to Each Other

… and party on, dudes!

One Doodle that Can’t be Un-Did

In case you were wondering what we were for Halloween: