Category: Movies

  • Portland Drivers

    Hope they have comprehensive insurance…

  • Megaman vs Donkey Kong

    Great video of my favorite video game character being transported into the world of Donkey Kong: Too funny.

  • Cheer Up

    Life got ya down? Let Elmo lift your spirits, just give him a little tickle:

  • RC Car Jumps a House

  • Superman’s Invulnerable Suit

    At work today we were talking about SQL scripts Superman Returns, and the question was posed: “Why doesn’t his suit shred to pieces when it is getting pummeled with bullets and fire?” Well, a quick Google search discovered this, straight from the horse’s mouth: Superman, in his smarter-than-any-human wisdom, made the suit himself! I wonder […]


    I hope my Hong Kong resident pal Nick sends his kids to school there and they learn annoying songs like this one! Aren’t we so lucky that we have youtube to entertain us?

  • Simpsons Live Action

    Man, the attention to detail is crazy in this recreation of The Simpsons in live action. It seems that it was made in the UK. Maybe Springfield isn’t in the USA at all! I also heard that they are working on a full length feature film of The Simpsons. Saweet!

  • Weird… but Entertaining

    There’s a site called Pleix that makes these really strange movies. Check out this one that involves some slowed down film of dogs being launched into the air. Pretty cool stuff – but where do people get these ideas from? 😛