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  • What You Must Do on Friday

    Last Friday, you probably saw Snakes on a Plane. (I didn’t because snakes freak me out, even CGI ones) That means that this Friday you should go to Andrew Platter’s CD Release Party at The Paradox! All the cool kids are gonna be there, and also the losers as well so all will feel welcome. […]

  • Destructor

    Here’s a great song to check out by one of the bands at Mars Hill, ‘E-Pop’. It’s my new favorite! And… yeah that’s all I have to say.

  • Red Letter

    A new band formed at my Church called ‘Red Letter’. They kinda remind me of Franz Ferdinand. The sound system in the auditorium there is really fantastic, and they really made sure to use it to its full potential. It was loud and they did some totally sweet low bass stuff with their keyboards. It […]

  • Snow Patrol – Eyes Open

    Snow Patrol recently released their new album, “Eyes Open” to the world and I picked it up because I liked their last album quite a bit. I think it’s pretty good, but a lot of the songs sound the same. Snow Patrol is really good at playing straight eighth-note down stroke chords on the guitar […]

  • The UW Dunker

    I’m a burger fan. A huge burger fan. Last night I met some friends for dinner at The Ram before going to the Guster show at the University of Puget Sound. I found one of the most yummy burgers ever! It’s called ‘The UW Dunker’, and it’s basically a cheeseburger on a grilled roll that […]

  • Imogen Heap

    On the way home from my pal Kurt’s house last night, Sarah and I tuned into The Chill Side of The Mountain. This crazy sounding song came on that I thought was really creative. When we got home I googled the song, and found out that it is by Imogen Heap and the song is […]

  • Mario 2 Theme

    This song is awesome!  They even got the ending right…  Oh, and this is just as cool!

  • Andrew Platter on

    My best friend Andrew Platter has his new album up on, a music download site kind of like iTunes. They recently interviewed him about his life and music, and made it available for download as a podcast. I think it’s the first podcast where my name is mentioned! Back when I was 14 (12 […]

  • He’s a Hero

    The world wide web can do some magical things. Amazing things. Things of such beauty it would make a grown man cry. Things like the Captain Planet Eco-Rap Theme Song being ready to listen to at anytime! Lucky us.

  • SNES Music

    Man, this guy has achieved ultimate geekness. I thought I was a geek until I read this page. This guy figured out how to connect to the SNES music processor. That’s so nerdy cool to me. Maybe just the fact that I think that is cool makes me a geek enough. In other news: tonight […]