Red Letter

A new band formed at my Church called ‘Red Letter’. They kinda remind me of Franz Ferdinand. The sound system in the auditorium there is really fantastic, and they really made sure to use it to its full potential. It was loud and they did some totally sweet low bass stuff with their keyboards. It was really great to worship to! You can download an mp3 of one of their songs from last Sunday if you would like.

Snow Patrol – Eyes Open

Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol recently released their new album, “Eyes Open” to the world and I picked it up because I liked their last album quite a bit. I think it’s pretty good, but a lot of the songs sound the same. Snow Patrol is really good at playing straight eighth-note down stroke chords on the guitar (i.e. dum-dum-dum-dum-dum-dum-dum-dum-dum-da-daaaa!), and I think they do it a little too much. A little variety in the guitar playing wouldn’t hurt them at all. But they’re great at their style, and overall the record is a joy to hear except a strange song called “Set the Fire to the Third Bar” which includes a guest singer named Martha Mainwright. My favorite track on the album is called “It’s Beginning to Get to Me”, a rockin’ tune with some soaring guitar lixx. Can’t go wrong with that!

The UW Dunker

I’m a burger fan. A huge burger fan. Last night I met some friends for dinner at The Ram before going to the Guster show at the University of Puget Sound. I found one of the most yummy burgers ever! It’s called ‘The UW Dunker’, and it’s basically a cheeseburger on a grilled roll that comes with au jus for dipping! Seems like a simple idea, but I’d never had it before and so i decided to try it. It was very tasty, one for the record books.

The Guster show was really great! Their encore song was a cover of that ‘Going Hungry’ song from the late 90s. It was hilarious! I can’t remember who did that song originally – Pearl Jam? Temple of the Dog? (shrugs)

Imogen Heap

On the way home from my pal Kurt’s house last night, Sarah and I tuned into The Chill Side of The Mountain. This crazy sounding song came on that I thought was really creative. When we got home I googled the song, and found out that it is by Imogen Heap and the song is called “Hide and Seek”. You’ve gotta check it out if you haven’t heard it before. I can’t quite place the genre – electronica, folk, pop?

*Update* – Turns out Imogen Heap and Frou Frou are the same singer. Small world!

Andrew Platter on

My best friend Andrew Platter has his new album up on, a music download site kind of like iTunes. They recently interviewed him about his life and music, and made it available for download as a podcast. I think it’s the first podcast where my name is mentioned! Back when I was 14 (12 years ago!) I started taking guitar lessons from a hippie in Issaquah. After every lesson, Andrew and I would get together and I would show him everything I learned. He talks about that and more in the podcast, and I was honored that he credited me with laying some of the foundations of his music. Pretty soon I’m gonna help him get going so that his music can reach even further!

Towards the end of the podcast he mentions that I took credit for one of the songs that we co-wrote together. Ok, I guess he helped out a little – I’ll admit it. 😉

*Update* – Andrew is now going on tour with Superchick!