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You can now embed photos from Getty Images in your posts on Since I am an iStock photographer (which is owned by Getty), you can embed any photo from my collection!

Check it:
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Canvas Prints

I finally got around to printing a few of my photos on canvas! They were printed from CatchInColor, who will give you a 20 percent discount if you are a Costco member. Went with a shot of Seattle from Kerry Park, and Eilean Donan Castle!

New (to me) Camera!

My old Canon Rebel XTi was dropped a while back and it never was the same. I had it covered under my homeowner’s insurance and was able to get a replacement! I’m now rocking a used Canon 5D which so far has been excellent. It’s great to have a full frame camera with a huge view finder. It’s also 13 megapixels which is a bump from 10 with my previous camera.

Check out the gallery! I just tried it out this morning as we did some shopping down at Buchanan Street. I’m also throwing in some pictures of Hazel to satisfy the Grandparents 🙂

Star Gazers

While up at family camp last week, I stayed up late with my pal Kurt to take a crack at some star trail photography. We got a fairly decent result at ISO 100 with a one hour exposure:

Some lessons we learned were to include more sky next time, and to point towards polaris to get a better curvy effect in the image. Not a bad start though. The photo credit goes to Kurt for the shot, as he’s the one who clicked the shutter button!