Safari on Windows

Whoah! Apple released Safari on windows today! What a good idea – but wait – IT CRASHES RIGHT AFTER I OPEN IT ON MY MACHINE! WHAT A PILE OF GARBAGE!

Safari - booooooooooo

Safari – booooooooooo

Windows Bug

Today at work my ‘start’ button disappeared from my taskbar, and if I pressed the windows key, the start menu would appear from the top. weird…

buggy screenshot

Linux… Not Ugly?

Looks like some folks are working hard adding some eye candy to Linux. It’s encouraging to see some drop shadows and transparencies on a Linux desktop. Not that I’m gonna switch or anything… unless my inner geekness totally takes over! šŸ˜€

Oh yeah, watch this movie of it in action too.

C64 can’t run Windows

I thought this was pretty funny. Humurous for those of us who grew up on the Commodore systems:

No boot for you!

Just heard of a siteĀ called where you can play emulated C64 games through java in your web browser.Ā  You can even play Blue Max, one of my C64 faves!

FocusRight – For 3D Illusions

Back in my glory days at SPU, my senior software engineering project was a great experience for me. I was on
a four person team of fellow students in my Computer Science major. We basically had one quarter to make a full version software product.
We decided to make FocusRight, a program for making Single Image Random Dot Sterograms. Most people would better know them
as ‘Magic Eye’ illusions. I thought I’d share it out so that people
could download it and try it for themselves. It runs on windows. Enjoy!