Safari on Windows

Whoah! Apple released Safari on windows today! What a good idea – but wait – IT CRASHES RIGHT AFTER I OPEN IT ON MY MACHINE! WHAT A PILE OF GARBAGE!

Safari - booooooooooo

Safari – booooooooooo

Linux… Not Ugly?

Looks like some folks are working hard adding some eye candy to Linux. It’s encouraging to see some drop shadows and transparencies on a Linux desktop. Not that I’m gonna switch or anything… unless my inner geekness totally takes over! šŸ˜€

Oh yeah, watch this movie of it in action too.

FocusRight – For 3D Illusions

Back in my glory days at SPU, my senior software engineering project was a great experience for me. I was on
a four person team of fellow students in my Computer Science major. We basically had one quarter to make a full version software product.
We decided to make FocusRight, a program for making Single Image Random Dot Sterograms. Most people would better know them
as ‘Magic Eye’ illusions. I thought I’d share it out so that people
could download it and try it for themselves. It runs on windows. Enjoy!