Fixing an Original Xbox (Halo Edition!)

On one of my recent thrifting expeditions I happened upon this original Xbox that was the super-cool halo edition in transparent green. I looked around for a power cord that I could test it with at the store but couldn’t find one. They were only asking $10 for it anyways, so I took the chanceContinue reading “Fixing an Original Xbox (Halo Edition!)”

Thinking Android? Think Sony!

I’ve used a lot of Android phones over the years starting with the first one ever. The quality of Android phones can often let you down, even the high-end models (I’m looking at you, HTC). I was getting tired of the recent trend in Android devices, mainly that they were getting way too enormous in sizeContinue reading “Thinking Android? Think Sony!”

Some of My New Favourite* Things

I’ve found myself using a lot of great new software and gadgets, especially since I started working from home. Here’s a list of what I’ve been using lately: TextMate TextMate is an extremely versatile text editor for OS X. I use it constantly for code editing (especially PHP), cutting/pasting text, text searching and for takingContinue reading “Some of My New Favourite* Things”