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  • Opening a Banana Like a Monkey

    I’d have to say my favorite website of 2009 has been lifehacker, which posts nifty tips and tricks for us geeks out there including software downloads and cool desktop wallpapers. They even have a Food Hacks category where they offer tips on how to eat better. I’d have to say that my favorite post was […]

  • The Muppets Do Bohemian Rhapsody

    Thanks to Beth for passing this one along! A truly epic undertaking! p.s. Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

  • America We Stand As One

    USA!!! USA!!!

  • Simpsonize Me

    You can upload your photo to and it will turn you into a Simpsons character! Here’s Sarah and I as we would will appear in the show! *update* – Saw the movie on Saturday! It was great!

  • The 5:20 Funny Podcast

    Every day at 5:20pm on 103.7 The Mountain they play a comedy clip and they call it the ‘5:20 Funny’. I always enjoy listening to it when I’m driving home from work. The other day Marty Riemer mentioned that he puts the mp3 of the clip up on their website for download. So I decided […]

  • Crazy Bird Calls

    I’m not sure if this video is dubbed, but it sounds and looks really convincing! My favorite is the camera shutter. Sounds just like my Canon SLR! *update* I checked it out on Wikipedia, and it seems legit!

  • Become a Shoelace Tying Expert

    Wow, the interwebs has a lot of information. Today Boing Boing had a great post about a site that teaches you different ways of tying your shoes. Looks like the Ian Knot is supposedly the fastest way to get a great knot in your shoelaces. So get tying!

  • Weird… but Entertaining

    There’s a site called Pleix that makes these really strange movies. Check out this one that involves some slowed down film of dogs being launched into the air. Pretty cool stuff – but where do people get these ideas from? 😛