Madrid Train Station

They don’t use the original train building anymore and put a lovely tropical forest in its place.


There’s even a load of turtles hanging out there:


On the Trolley


Silly Faces

Just killing some time while we wait for our flight to San Francisco!

20111112-095038.jpg 20111112-095122.jpg

Budapest Photos

I had an amazing week with Automattic in Budapest, Hungary. Lots of working, eating, outings and laughing! My favorite event was a visit to Széchenyi Medicinal Bath, where we bobbed in the natural hot springs for an afternoon. I left there relaxed and rejuvenated.

Here’s some photos! (mental note: make sure your camera is not set on ISO 1600 next time you’re on a photo walk)

Bonjour de la Plage!

We are having a brilliant time at the beach in France!

20110705-110706.jpg 20110705-110718.jpg

Faerie Glen


Seriously magical!

Mobile Meetup in Milan

My team at Automattic got together last week for a meetup in Milan. We worked hard on WordPress for iOS (Version 2.8 adds Stats, internationalization and a cool Quick Photo post feature!). When we weren’t working we wandered around the city streets, deciding where to eat or grab a beer (or two).

I found Milan to be quite nice, the food was tasty! I was a bit surprised at how much Graffiti was on the walls. Apparently that’s quite standard for most large European cities. The weather was nice, but apparently warmer in Glasgow and I missed out!

This weekend we’re going to actually tour Scotland a bit, including a B&B stay on the Isle of Skye. Our dear friends Beau and Bridget are just flying in now to go on the trip with us!

Here’s a bunch of iPhone shots I took throughout the week: