Category: Travel

  • Silly Faces

    Just killing some time while we wait for our flight to San Francisco!

  • Budapest Photos

    I had an amazing week with Automattic in Budapest, Hungary. Lots of working, eating, outings and laughing! My favorite event was a visit to Széchenyi Medicinal Bath, where we bobbed in the natural hot springs for an afternoon. I left there relaxed and rejuvenated. Here’s some photos! (mental note: make sure your camera is not […]

  • Bonjour de la Plage!

    We are having a brilliant time at the beach in France!

  • Faerie Glen

    Seriously magical!

  • Mobile Meetup in Milan

    My team at Automattic got together last week for a meetup in Milan. We worked hard on WordPress for iOS (Version 2.8 adds Stats, internationalization and a cool Quick Photo post feature!). When we weren’t working we wandered around the city streets, deciding where to eat or grab a beer (or two). I found Milan […]

  • Stonehenge

    Nice 3G coverage out here in the country! We are having a great time in the sunny weather!

  • Congress Ave

    Hello SXSW!

  • The Blogger’s Handbook

    Just litter your book cover with WordPress logos and show a chart of WordPress dominating the other platforms to sell, sell, sell! I’m off to Austin, TX for the mobile team meetup and SXSW! My airplane terminal is 27-C and my seat is 27C, a sign of a brilliant trip to come?

  • To the U.S. and Back Again

    I had a very busy trip in the U.S. this weekend as i came home for my Grandma Betty’s memorial service last Thursday. I am currently waiting in the S terminal at the airport to catch my flight back home. Grandma’s memorial service was really wonderful. She was a beautiful lady who had the most […]

  • 2010 Automattic Meetup

    I spent the past week in Seaside, Florida with the folks from Automattic. It was a great time! A lot of work, some play, and good eats with a great team of people. The mobile team cranked away on an iPad subscription reader which is looking really good. Throughout the week, Automatticians gave 5-20 minute […]