mmmm…. Pictures….

Today I hung out for a bit with one of my favorite families:

Just enough room for me to join them!

It was a promo prop they had at the movie theatre today. We saw Spider-Man 3. It was pretty good but not the best spidey ever, I think 2 is myFave so far.

Heat Vision and Jack

Sorry for all the YouTube video posts, but it’s just so much darn fun to share these great videos! Here’s the pilot episode of “Heat Vision and Jack”, a show by Ben Stiller and starring Jack Black that never aired. If you’ve got 30 spare minutes, check it out!

Be Like Jack

Lately I’ve been catching up with some episodes of 24 (just polished off season 4, on to season 5 now) and I’ve decided that I need to be more like Jack Bauer. Why? Because he’s rad! Check out his awesomeness:

I think there’s two main steps I need to achieve in order to get my look going:

Step #1 (complete): Get some cool aviator sunglasses:

Step #2 (in progress): Get me one of those hot widows peak haircuts. Problem being that I haven’t started losing my hair yet. My older brother said that he started losing his hair at 27 years, which age I am reaching in August of this year.

So there will maybe be a few ‘golden years’ where I’ve lost just enough hair to look (hopefully) half as cool as Jack does. I also will need to work on my scratchy voice, kicking, torturing and pistol clip switching skills as well. This may take a while…