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  • Tom Selleck’s Moustache

    Isn’t the internet a wonderful place?

  • Simpsonize Me

    You can upload your photo to and it will turn you into a Simpsons character! Here’s Sarah and I as we would will appear in the show! *update* – Saw the movie on Saturday! It was great!

  • mmmm…. Pictures….

    Today I hung out for a bit with one of my favorite families: It was a promo prop they had at the movie theatre today. We saw Spider-Man 3. It was pretty good but not the best spidey ever, I think 2 is myFave so far.

  • Give me legs…

    Random, but hilarious IMO:

  • Get Pumped for LOST Season 3!

    Came across a great video on youtube that makes me hunger for season 3 of LOST! Check it out and become even more confused… ps I also changed up the look of the site a bit, using an image from a wheat field that I took on a trip to Eastern Washington.

  • Heat Vision and Jack

    Sorry for all the YouTube video posts, but it’s just so much darn fun to share these great videos! Here’s the pilot episode of “Heat Vision and Jack”, a show by Ben Stiller and starring Jack Black that never aired. If you’ve got 30 spare minutes, check it out!

  • Be Like Jack

    Lately I’ve been catching up with some episodes of 24 (just polished off season 4, on to season 5 now) and I’ve decided that I need to be more like Jack Bauer. Why? Because he’s rad! Check out his awesomeness: I think there’s two main steps I need to achieve in order to get my […]

  • A Big, Detailed LOST Theory

    This is an intersting read if you’re a LOST fan like me and practically everyone else I know. I’m hoping that it is a crazy-awesome scientific reason behind everything that is happening on the island. It’s a good theory, but only the future episodes will reveal the big mystery… On the subject of LOST, it […]

  • Calling all Trekkies!

    There’s this very dedicated Star Trek fan group who are creating new episodes of Star Trek that are based on the original series.  They call it Star Trek New Voyages, and it looks like they have done a great job of getting actors that look similar to the original cast.  Recently they have announced that […]